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13 June
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Wincestuous Love

This is a journal for Homosexual Erotic ♠Fanarts and ♠Slashes.

The majority of the entries would be related to Sam/Dean of the CW TV-series Supernatural while
other pairings would also appear here occasionally. (see below)
bottom!Dean with toppy!Sam would be the main aspect of the art-posts, though.

The journal also comprises
♠Homoerotic Subtext Analysis and ♠Mythology Ranting to the show,
♠News and ♠Gossips Updates of the leading actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki,
along with their wives Danneel Harris and Genevieve Cortese, together with
♠My Personal Opinions.
♠Life Experience would be shared occasionally.

This journal shows my obsession with English actor Jude Law and the characters he played.
Hence, the love affair between poet Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas and his lover, Oscar Wilde, should also be praised.

I am enchanted with the myth of Alexander the Great and his general and lover, Hephaistion.
Therefore, Jared Leto, an American actor as well as the front man of rock band 30 Seconds To Mars has become my new favorite.

I am attached to the multi-tasking James Franco and his multitudinous talents.

Recently, my mind is occupied by the homoeroticism in X-Men: First Class and the loveliness of Scottish actor James McAvoy.


♥Feedbacks and ♥Friending would be more than welcomed.
Warnings for potential spoilers should be given.
This journal wholeheartedly embraces nudity and erotica, so prepare yourself for the adult contents.
Negative comments on celebrities would NOT be considered as bashing.
Everyone has every right to believe in what they think is true.
Therefore, no "justice executor" is required; no trouble-maker is toleranted.
Please respect and behave yourselves. Thank you.

Sorry if I don't participate in your meme. It is not the purpose of this journal.

All credit to the original owners for the material used.
(It means all the gif makers on tumblr, thank you.)


Since the journal is mainly focus on the homoerotic tendentious relatinoship between certain pairs (see below), some irrevalent interests maight be pulled off from the Interest Search and listed below:

Favorite Movies:
a.i.:artificial intellengence, american beauty, being john malkovich, brokeback mountain, crash, fight club, the green mile, monster
Gay/Slash Movies:
a home at the end of the world, alexander: revisited - the final cut, gattaca, last king of scotland, pineapple express, shelter, sherlock holmes, sleuth, the last king of scotland, the king and the clown, the skin i live in, the talented mr. ripley, transamerica, total eclipse, wilde, x-men: first class
Other Movies:
127 hours, forest gump, mr. nobody, se7en, sin city, the fifth element, the mummy (series), the sixth sense, toy story (series)
Favorite TV-series:
dark angel, supernatural, queer as folk
Other TV-series:
alias, desperate housewives (season 1-2) las vegas, life as we know it, nip/tuck (season 1-2), prison break (season 1-2)
Favorite Music Performers: (see below)
alicia keys, bee gees, beyonce knowles, bon jovi, britney spears, eminem ,il divo, lady gaga
Interests in:
actions, arts, astronomy, beauty, cosmetics, culinary, fashion, futurology, homosexuality, interior design, mythology, nutrition, psychology, sci-fi, stargazing, travelling
Also Obssessed with:
americanism, angst, bruce willis, cat-fight, chocolate, edward norton, europeanism, eygptianism, femme fatale, feminism, heroine, IKEA, issac asimov, jessica alba, london, mediterranean, nigella lawson, purple, sarcasm, sex, superheroes, symbolism

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Two million years of human evolution and this is what we get. You morons.
-- Max

In a poll this journal held since 17 July 2011, the viewers were asked which Hollywood then most hit bromance, McFassy (Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy) or RDJude (Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law) was their favorite and the former has been leading the "favorite OTP" from the start. The poll is not closed yet and you are welcome to participate. Please continue to vote here

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Jared Padalecki by unknown
Genevieve Corteses by deanbean08

Jude Law by cruzh
Minx in Rage by vivi314
Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. Ripley by wincestuouslove (base: justforeverme@hollow-art.com)
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas in Wilde by wincestuouslove (base: justforeverme@hollow-art.com)
Milo Tindle in Sleuth by wincestuouslove
Jerome Eugene Morrow in Gattaca by wincestuouslove
Gigolo Joe in A.I.Artificial Intelligence by lovermecha

Oscar Wilde by somecells
Bosie Douglas by unknown

Jude Law V.S. Bosie Douglas

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Hephaistion in Alexander by pinkaboos @ tumblr
Jared Leto by niggle- @ tumblr

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Wesson/Smith in Supernatural by shinyhappicons
Jared/Jensen by dinerfood
Ennis/Jack in Brokeback Mountain by cdsmm
Sam/Dean in Supernatural by misty_creates
Lucifer!Sam/Michael!Dean in Supernatural by mysticwater

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Fassbender/McAvoy by lanerta
Amin/Nicholas in The Last King Of Scotland by wincestuouslove
Brian/Justin in Queer as Folk by thefrozenheart
Seth/Stefon in Saturday Night Live by wincestuouslove

Holmes/Watson in Sherlock Holmes by getyourguns
Robert/Jude by bricky83
O'Bryan/O'Malley in "Satan's Alley" in Tropical Thunder by a_way_of_sin
Alexander/Hephaistion by wincestuouslove
Alexander/Hephaistion in Alexander by miss_newyork

Dale/Saul in Pineapple Express by shelby_face
Shaun/Zach in Shelter by trampicons
Vincent/Eugene in Gattaca by iconsbycurtana
Oscar/Bosie in Wilde by ogeecons
Oscar/Bosie by wincestuouslove

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mercury by wincestuouslove
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