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24 November 2010 @ 02:33 am
Re-Edited: Cursed Heredity  
 made by wincestuouslove 

Lord Alfred Douglas (1870–1945), also known as 'Bosie', was described as spoiled, reckless, insolent and extravagant.
He would spend money on boys and gambling and expected Wilde to contribute to his tastes.
They often argued and broke up, but would also always reconcile. [1.1]

In De Profundis, Oscar Wilde referred him as descending from the "mad, bad line" of an eccentric, dissolute, and sometimes self-destructive family.

The following is the list of the infamous nature and the tragic fate of Bosie's significant family members to prove the mental instability of the Douglas clan:

Paternal Grandfather
Archibald William Douglas, 8th Marquess of Queensberry (1818–1858) [1.2]

In 1858, he was found dead with a double-barrelled gun at his side while hunting, officially from the explosion of his gun; the event was widely believed to be a suicide

Maternal Grandfather
Alfred Montgomery

"Lord Alfred's first mentor had been his cosmopolitan and effeminate grandfather Alfred Montgomery." [2]

"The genesis of this was Queensberry's loathing of Francis's grandfather (and godfather) Alfred Montgomery. Extremely cosmopolitan, well-connected and homosexual, Montgomery was an icon for both Francis and Alfred, although Francis was his favourite godson." [3] 

James Edward Sholto Douglas (1855–1891) [1.3]

Lord James Douglas, was deeply attached to his twin sister 'Florrie', feminist Lady Florence Douglas (1855–1905), and was heartbroken when she married.

In 1885, he tried to abduct a young girl, and after that became ever more manic.

In 1888, Lord James married, but this proved disastrous.
Separated from Florrie, James suffered from alcoholism and depression.

In 1891 committed suicide by cutting his throat in a hotel room.

Eldest Brother
Francis Archibald Douglas, Viscount Drumlanrig (1867–1894) [1.4] 

Lord Alfred (left) and his eldest brother, Lord Drumlanrig.

Lord Alfred (right) posing with Lord Drumlanrig.

Drumlanrig served as private secretary to the Liberal politician Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery (1847–1929), who became Prime Minister in 1894.

In 1893, owing to to Rosebery's patronage, Drumlanrig was created 1st Baron Kelhead, gave him his own seat in the House of Lords, He was also appointed a Lord-in-Waiting by Rosebery.

In 1894, Drumlanrig died unmarried in what may have been a hunting accident, suicide, or homicide.
It was speculated at the time, and evidence suggests that Drumlanrig may have had a homosexual relationship with Rosebery.

It has been further suggested that Drumlanrig's father, Queensberry, had threatened to expose the Prime Minister's supposed proclivities if his government did not vigorously prosecute Oscar Wilde for Wilde's relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas.

Rosebery was, by most accounts, happily married until the death of his wife in 1890, though gossip that Rosebery was homosexual or bisexual was indeed widespread.

Queensberry believed, as he put it to Lord Alfred in a letter, that "Snob Queers like Rosebery" had corrupted his sons, and he held Rosebery indirectly responsible for Drumlanrig's death. 

John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry (1844–1900) [4]

He was well-known for lending his name and patronage to the "Marquess of Queensberry rules" that formed the basis of modern boxing, and for his role in the downfall of Oscar Wilde, as well as his abusive thrashing threats and his violent temper. 

In 1865, he was disturbed by the report of the disappearance of his younger brother, Lord Francis William Bouverie Douglas (1847-1865), who died in the fall accident during the first ascent of Matterhorn.
He rushed off to Switzerland, but once there, he refused to wait for a search party but trudged into the snow-laden foothills of the Matterhorn at night without any previous experience of mountain climbing and without proper clothing or equipment; as a result, he was found early the next morning half frozen in the snow.

In 1882, as an outspoken athetist, he was ejected from the theatre after loudly interrupting a performance of the play The Promise of May, because it included a villainous atheist in its cast of characters.

In 1887, his wife divorced him on the grounds of adultery (he was a notorious philanderer).
Queensberry himself had remarried, but the girl was thought to be only 16; an annulment on the grounds of non-consummation due to "the genital malformation, impotency and frigidity of the husband" [3] followed after one year.

During the Wilde trials, Queensberry attacked his son Percy Sholto Douglas, 10th Marquess of Queensberry (1868–1920) on the street, resulting in both their arrests.
So notorious were certain members of the family that a newspaper remarked that they "enjoy an almost unique reputation for eccentricity."

Only Child
Raymond Wilfred Sholto Douglas (1902-1964) [1.5]

In 1927, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and entered a mental institution.
He was decertified and released after five years, but suffered a subsequent breakdown and returned to the hospital.
After attending to his mother's funeral he was again decertified and released.
However, his conduct rapidly deteriorated and he returned to the hospital where he stayed until his death.

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strativariousstrativarious on January 27th, 2012 01:28 pm (UTC)
Viscount Drumlanrig

Can you advise the source of the photo of Viscount Drumlanrig? I am writing a biography of the infamous Marquess and am looking for good illustrations of Francis.


wincestuouslove: damselwincestuouslove on January 9th, 2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Viscount Drumlanrig
Hello Lindy,

I am sorry that I replied you so late. I've left lj for a year so I missed all the comments.

I don't have any links of source for Viscount Drumlanrig's photo. One of the pic is from this site http://gayfortoday.blogspot.hk/2007/02/francis-douglas-viscount-drumlanrig.html when I trace it back. I totally have no idea when the other one comes from. Sorry about that.