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Supernatural - Sam - S6 TTM 01 by lere8made by lere8

Speaking of this year San Diego Comic Con, there's a post on tumblr that titled "My afternoon with the Padaleckis at SDCC".

Basically, the girl is telling the story about getting starstrucked by Jared Padalecki, together with his wife Genevieve Cortese and son Tomas, in a bar in the con.
And this is what catches our eyes:

"He told us during it that he and Jensen like to prank each other with graphic wincest art and try to weird each other out."

Oh really? It seems like Sam is not the only one who knows so much about this "Sam slash Dean, together" thingy.
22 July 2013 @ 02:47 am
RPS feels so wrong yet so right. The sudden joy of McFassy is so unexpected.
The cast and crew of X-Men: Days of Future Past, including James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, attended to San Diego Comic Con 2013 yesterday, and looking cute together.

I particularly had a stroke when I saw the following post on tumblr. Please tell me it is not made up by fansCollapse )
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20 July 2013 @ 02:26 am
made by phchiu

Hey there!

Sorry for being gone for a couple of months and missed out the messages and birthday wishes for me. Thank you y'all. I love you guys <3.

I am moving out from my parents this fall to start my bachelorette life. The apartment I am moving to was my granny's, but now inherited by my mother. Hence my mom will become my landlord when I move in.

The renovation is currently in the progress. I am quite experienmental with different interior design ideas, including demolishing most of the interior walls to make it a spatial condo, panelling frosted-glass to partition the bathroom, swapping the sleeping-area with the dining-area, turning an used-to-be kitchen into a walk-in-closet, and glamorizing certain walls with cladding wood and mosaic tiles.

waldorf garden2

I plan to furnish the house with walnutwood (or any kind of dark wood) furnitures, probably from IKEA cos I am a fan. I adore woodpiece that looks rich and distinctive, and also goes well with soft lightings, which makes the atmosphere homey and cozy. Also I would decorate it with metallic or glassy accessories just because I like the contrast between the warmth from the wood and lightings and the coolness from the metal and the glass. Besides, it is fascinating to see the modern materials cooperate with the vintage/natural ones.

I will post pictures when the renovation is done. Then some more will come when I finish the furnishing. I hope the outcome will be satisfying.
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05 May 2013 @ 03:30 am
Supernatural J2 by wickedgrdn made by wickedgrdn

Lately I have been very enjoying these two Supernatural wincest videos. I would like to download them but the authors are not replying to the comments anymore. If anyone here know how to grab them please let me know.

Supernatural - You set my soul alight (wincest) by AelinAmberJoe

How Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) struggle with the sexual desire they have to each other. Music is Supermassive Blackhole by Muse.

Sam/Dean - SOULLESS - Supernatural season 6 AU [reupload] by TheNerjaveika

When Sam gets his soul back in Season 6 he gradually recalls the memory of how he treated Dean during his soulless period. Noncon is hinted.
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04 May 2013 @ 06:34 am
made by deny1984

Holy crap! I just watched Trance(2013) today. It is freaking amazing. Go watch it if you haven't yet. The performance by the leads who areJames McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel is powerful, especailly McAvoy who should get nominated for something big at least. Danny Boyle (the director) has never disappointed me in making astounding movies. It is his filming style that enriches the materials.

I don't want to spoil you anything, so I don't even bother to post the plot since this is not a movie review. All these can be waited until the DVDs are out.
Now please bare me to scream over how adorably young James looks in this movie! How is it possible that his character Simon Newman looks much younger than Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class(2009)? He is like in his early twenty!

Thanks to his huge and glassy blue eyes he manages to looks innocent and helpless no matter what he truely is. Also he looks so petite and vulnerable that makes everyone underestimate his destructive power.
Why is it that the actors I like are all playing psychopathic? Michael Fassbender played a sexual addict in Shame, Brandon, whom we should introduce to Simon and let them get obssessed and fuck each other's brains out; Jude Law almost has an emotional breakdown in Side Effects; and now we have James being psychotic in this movie. He probably is crazier in the upcoming Filth. I am looking forward to it.

Gosh he looked even younger in these on set and fans encounter pics. So cute!

28 April 2013 @ 01:48 am
made by thesilverstrand

Hi, there. Sorry for "hiding" for almost two months. Life is so busy that I barely find time to sit down and think about what to write, so I kinda abandon livejournal these days. However, I will be work in night shift during May to June. I hope I will have a more regular resting.

Last week, I visited Sydney Australia for an one-week vacation. I am used to join the travelling tour with my parents but I really want to have some new experience since I am financial independent now. I decided to backpack and travel alone for 6 days. But, Gosh! I was so busy that I didn't do any preparation for the trip. I bought the flight ticket just 5 days before the trip. Basically no plan, no insurance, a limited budget and a freestyle.

A girl, who is an oversea student from Beijing China, I met in X-Men: First Class fandom was so nice that she let me slept on her coach for free, lent me free wifi and stuff, and also guided me around Sydney. My holiday would not be that enjoyable without her kindness. I wish I could post her pics but I don't think she would like it. Whatever. These are the pics she took for me:

Surprisingly not the capital of AustraliaCollapse )
04 March 2013 @ 07:01 am
Hi there, I just changed my livejournal header and background for the springtime! I still keep the whole layout in pink theme from last year 'cause I don't want a dramatic change but the tone is much softer this time.

I am in love with the texture of the background pattern.

I have to use a Jude Law header at this moment because I keep thinking about him (with his very handsome BFF assistant Ben Jackson, who was a fashion model of many big brands name like HUGO BOSS, BURBERRY, CHANEL and Calvin Klein but gave up his career to hang around with Jude and become Jude's personal assistant since 2003 to present).

The former modelCollapse ).
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14 February 2013 @ 08:02 am
made by angel_of_wings

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have no valentine to celebrate the day with, so I rather look at something sweet to enjoy my day.
Jude Law looking bloody gorgeous on the red carpet of The 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival.  

He looks as nice as a model photoshooting for some high-class fashion brand nameCollapse )

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02 February 2013 @ 12:24 am
made by london_fan

Okay, you know I like London so it is a brainless London appreciation picsspam post again. But aside from the outdoor scenery of a typical London, we also take a look at the inside of a famous Londoner's house!


Guess which Hollywood star sold his house in LondonCollapse )

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